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When two of the biggest tech companies come together you know that you’re in for something special. Since July of 2014, IBM and Apple have been working closely on enterprise apps for mobile devices across the board. We take a look at what this partnership is all about.

The power to be brilliant in the power of your hand

It really is astonishing that a device that fits effortlessly into your hand has the potential to offer so much. The key advantage is “mobility” – being able to do more, on the move, wherever you are, well, that is nothing short of empowering.

“The way we live has been undeniably transformed by mobile technology,” IBM explains on its website. “Now it’s time to transform the way we work.” The answer lies in IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions.

Using big data to have a real impact on your industry

A few years ago, McKinsey & Company said that big data was “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity”. They were right. It has been truly revolutionary.

According to IBM and Apple, its offering is reflective of this new age: it’s where “data meets engagement”. In short, this is the future of work.

The apps that are being developed are beyond anything ever seen before in the industries they are aimed at changing for the better.

Currently, this includes banking and finance; energy and utilities; government; healthcare; industrial products; insurance; retail; telecommunications; and travel and transportation.

Bespoke design that captures the future of work

As IBM states, the apps are “designed so enterprises can be more nimble at every touch point”.

Basically, this means that professionals will be able to make better use of their insights and efficiencies into what they do using their iPhone and iPad. Using real-time information can have dramatic effects.

The apps are also constructed to meet “industry-wide challenges”. The more people use it across the industry, the more consensus and understanding that emerges.

Finally, the apps have been formulated to make enterprise systems “work for people, not the other way round”.


A new era of innovation is truly upon us. The idea of what a mobile device is has changed massively and now, in this day and age, there are endless possibilities.

That’s the great thing about mobile technology and its “rapport” with apps – together they can make the impossible more than possible.


“IBM MobileFirst for iOS brings instant, turnkey access to best-in-class enterprise mobility,” IBM notes on its website.


“From integration and security to management and support, we’re ensuring enterprises across all industries can take advantage of the opportunities mobile technologies present.”ADNFCR-2155-ID-801782433-ADNFCR

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