The HTC Snap mobile handset has received attention for its value for money by one website, as well as its sleek design and overall performance.

TrustedReviews has applauded the HTC Snap for its price tag of £240.99 (excluding VAT), awarding the model a value rating of eight out of ten.

When it comes to design, the handset scores again, receiving another eight out of ten for its “suitably professional looking black finish” and “nicely curved” rear end and edges.

Other assets possessed by the HTC Snap are its “fairly bright” LCD screen that makes browsing in the sunlight easy, as well as its “very responsive” and nicely-sized keys, the site states.

Lastly, “the phone feels quite speedy in use even with a couple of applications running in the background”, the website notes, making it suitable for businesspeople on-the-go.

HTC was established in 1997 in Taiwan and launched its own brand 18 months ago.

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