It is a tough time to sell a mobile phone and look for a new one, as the sheer range of top-class devices now available makes choosing between them almost impossible.

But those who are decisive enough to analyse and rule out numerous models before reaching the perfect handset could be considering both the new Apple iPhone 4S and the HTC Sensation.

With more than 200 brand new features and access to the iOS 5 platform, the iPhone 4S is undoubtedly an attractive gadget for mobile users.

Meanwhile, in August, Three gave in to popular demand and added the HTC Sensation to its portfolio, emphasising its quality and good reputation among consumers.

Now, Phones Limited has offered a comparison between the phones, suggesting both have different attributes.

The HTC model is the flagship Android mobile of the moment and boasts a top software package, while the iPhone 4S is described as an “impressive” smartphone.

On balance, the website opted for the Apple device as its marginal favourite, as a result of the fact it is newer.

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