HTC smartphones will soon be able to access Sony's latest Playstation games.

The games and console creator has long given its smartphone customers access to the Playstation Suite, which hosts all the company's latest mobile games.

However, users of other smartphone handsets have not been able to access the downloads.

But Sony has rebranded its suite – renaming it Playstation Mobile – and will make it available to HTC handset owners soon.

People without a Sony or HTC phone may want to consider trading in their handset if they are keen to access the latest Playstation games as no other makes or models have been named at Playstation Mobile partners as of yet.

The most popular, Playstation-certified games currently available include Crash Bandicoot, The Sims and Brothers in Arms.

Sony recently released its cloud-based music app for users of the iPhone and iPod. The Music Unlimited service allows mobile phone users to access millions of songs from the entertainment giant's recording catalogue.

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