HTC One X mobile phone owners may be able to update the Android operating system to the Jelly Bean version by October, according to reports.

The new software will replace the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 edition. Google claims that it is faster, smoother and offers users new features like Android Beam, which allows photographs and videos to be shared more easily.

Those with unlocked handsets should be able to get the latest 4.1 software next month.

On the other hand, users with devices locked to a particular network may have to wait until December to use the new platform.

The imminent 4G handset, the HTC One XL, is expected to come with Jelly Bean pre-installed when it is released in the UK.

HTC are renowned for releasing Android updates late. The fact that its competitor Samsung says it will allow Galaxy S3 users to get Jelly Bean next month may have spurred the manufacturer to roll the software out more quickly.

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