The HTC One has been pretty well received by UK consumers but it appears as though the popular mobile phone could get a lot more desirable.

A dual-SIM version, which has previously only been available in Asia, with be heading to British shores with its microSD card slot too.

The Taiwanese firm has made the decision to roll-out the bulked-up device to a number of new markets, including the UK. It will also come with a removable back, which could offend some consumers that like the sleek look of the HTC One. Brits also won't be able to get 4G support on this new device.

However, there is one spot of good news for HTC fans looking for more space to store all their photos and videos. The price of the dual-SIM smartphone will be exactly the same as the original when it was released, according to HTC's store.

It also still remains unclear when we might be able to get our hands on this new HTC One. The smartphone has already launched in Asian markets so it shouldn't be a case of waiting for them to be produced.

Posted by Samantha Green

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