The HTC One handset only went on sale in March, but it has been reported that the company has already managed to shift five million units of the mobile phone.

According to the Wall Street Journal, an HTC executive has confirmed the figures which are nowhere near the ten million that Samsung sold of its Galaxy S4 smartphone, but still a positive sign for the Taiwanese firm.

The company hasn't officially confirmed these figures, but if its true it would make its latest flagship device a lot more successful than the HTC One X, which only managed to sell around seven million devices in total.

Several issues have caused the smartphone to have several set-backs, but it seems to have recovered nicely and received a good response to boot.

This is good news for HTC and the First handset seems to be dwindling, with reports earlier this month indicating that it was being sold for under 70p by American provider AT&T on a two-year contract.

Reports also indicated that the network carrier would be shipping leftover devices back to the company, though nothing was officially confirmed.

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