Two mobile phones have appeared from HTC on records belonging to O2, the HTC One Mini and One Max.

According to leaked documents from a German carrier, we could be seeing two smartphones from HTC fairly soon.

Rumours have been circulating for a while about the HTC One Mini and other possible variants of the company's flagship device and it seems O2 Germany has added a little support to this.

The HTC One Mini is listed in black and silver and the One Max is the latter only, according to German site mobiFlip which managed to see the roadmap. However that is about all it gives away with no information about price, release or regions suggested.

It also names a couple of devices from Nokia under the codenames of "Eros" and "Mars" but there's no guarantee this document is sincere. However the Finnish manufacturer does have a company event right around the corner so we shouldn't need to wait too long for possible confirmations.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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