The next mobile phone from HTC has been the topic of a number of rumours and leaks over the last few weeks and months. The HTC One Max has made the news again but this time it appears the handset has been spotted in public.

Although the device is still unconfirmed by the company, the more leaks that emerge, the more likely it is that we will see the phablet.

According to Chinese social site Weibo, which posted an image that was taken by a user of a device that claims to be the HTC One Max. The picture shows the device on public transport and the handset looks big enough to be the rumoured 5.9-inch smartphone.

Though it's difficult to determine how genuine these photos are, the handset looks to have the same markings as the rumoured HTC phablet.

A number of reports have suggested that the company could be planning a HTC One Max launch event within the next week or so, with both October 15th and 17th being cited.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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