New benchmark results indicate that HTC's upcoming flagship could be an incredibly powerful phone.

According to the figures, the new HTC One (M8) will outshine the competition when it comes to power, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Official specs should appear later today (March 25th) when the company unveils its new smartphone, but until it makes the announcement, the figures are good indications.

Photos posted on Weibo give more details about what the handset may look like, but the images were also accompanied by some AnTuTu benchmarks. These show what the HTC flagship will be able to achieve with its rumoured 2.26GHz quad-core chip. 

The figures suggest that the new HTC One racks up 38,000 points beating nearly all of its rivals on the market. It also outpowers the Samsung Galaxy S5, which generated 35,666 points.

It's unknown who performed these tests so it's best to take these figures with a pinch of salt before the official specs are announced by HTC.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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