HTC may have only just launched its latest smartphone, but it seems the company is already looking to make moves to enter the marketplace for smaller versions of flagships, with rumours stating that the HTC One M8 Mini could be on its way this year.

The company released the HTC One M8 just a few weeks ago, but already there are rumours that the firm is throwing out a rival to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and iPhone 5C.

Trusted leak page @evleaks has tweeted "M8 mini: check", while a Swedish blog has since also made moves to promote the HTC One M8 Mini, even though there has yet to be any real indication from the company that the phone is in the works.

It is the second rumoured new phone from HTC this week, after it was also believed that the company was working on a new handset with the same innards as the HTC One M8, but with the aluminium chassis replaced with a plastic alternative to give the device a much lower price point. 

The rumours are hardly too risky either, especially given that HTC launched the HTC One Mini just weeks after the arrival of the HTC One a year ago. 

And although it's still early days to be looking at predictions for actual realities of the phone, that hasn't stopped the rumour mill from kicking into action already. 

It is believed that the HTC One M8 Mini will be smaller in size and specs than its flagship sibling, while it will also have a cheaper price point as well. 

Some believe that the phone will be launched with an initial cost of around £400, which seems quite likely given that the HTC One Mini went on sale at its release date for £380 just a year ago. 

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