HTC could be in trouble, as the company is reportedly working with Qualcomm, in a bid to prevent its flagship mobile phone from being banned in the US.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer was the subject of a preliminary ruling by the US International Trade Commission (ITC), according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

If true, the ruling could have dire consequences for the firm as a judge ruled that one of the older HTC handsets infringed on two Nokia patents. The decision concerned enhanced transmission and reception of phone calls.

However, although the patent only refers to older models, the flagship One could be in trouble too,

Sources told the WSJ that the HTC One and other recent handsets from the firm use the same technology which is being affected by the US ban, if the ITC decides to enforce its decision.

Qualcomm, which manufactured the chip in the devices in question, has yet to comment on whether the ruling could affect any of its other handsets.

HTC has until January 2014 to sort out its patent violations and the ITC will then decide if its ruling will progress into a full import ban.

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