More than four-in-five HTC One X+ customers are choosing to go green when presented with the option of foregoing a charger at O2 stores.

In the box, shoppers are provided only with the lead which converts a normal USB charger to one which accommodates a micro USB.

Many people already have the basic power supply required from previous mobile phones, as well as gadgets like e-book readers, cameras and tablets.

Regional director of the UK at HTC Phil Roberson said: “If we inform our customers about the […] benefits of using the chargers and mains adapters that they already own, they respond positively to the message.”

The operator started this trial in an attempt to eliminate wastage – an estimated 100 million chargers lie around unused in drawers across the UK.

Approximately 18,700 tonnes of components and 124,274 miles of copper wire and plastic covering are having a huge environmental impact.

Brits are also allowing potentially harmful chemicals to enter the ecosystem and leaving valuable parts unused by failing to recycle old mobile phones.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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