The HTC Magic has been called a handset to rival the iPhone 3G, while the O2 XDA Guide has been praised for its sleek good looks and navigational facilities.

In an article for Wi-Fi Planet, technology journalist Gerry Blackwell looked at the former and concluded that with Google Android onboard and a host of modern features it could take on the Apple device.

Although he explained the HTC Magic was not equipped to offer the kind of applications the iPhone supports, it was advised that the usability of the handset would give it “a good run for its money”.

Elsewhere, Trusted Reviews considered the pros and cons of the new O2 XDA Guide and said that the model had stylish good looks and facilities that included a 528 MHz processor, Bluetooth and a 2.8-inch screen.

The model is a rebranded version of HTC’s Touch Cruise and aims to be both a mobile phone and a satnav system.

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