Taiwanese company HTC made an incredibly well-received mobile phone in the form of the One, and the firm is looking to follow up with a sequel to the handset.

Leaked photos suggest that the new handset will be just as well-designed as the One, with an all-aluminium body giving it a premium feel and a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 SoC processor.

However, although rumours have filled in the blanks for most of the new handset’s design, what is not entirely clear is what the phone will be called.

The current most likely option seems to be that the phone will be known as the HTC One Two, possibly using a combination of words and numbers to avoid confusion.

However, there have been numerous references to the ‘HTC M8’. The codename for the HTC One when it was being developed was ‘M7’, so M8 makes sense for the next phone in that line.

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