A new update for the Google Android operating system (OS) may encourage those looking to sell mobilephones to trade up to a HTC Hero.

The device is one of many that will support the enhanced version of the software, which it was announced this week offers a new range of support options and goes by the name of Eclair.

As part of a post on the Android developers’ official blog, it was noted that the OS would now serve gaming and sharing much better thanks to enhances peer-to-peer facilities, with improved Bluetooth and contact management also included.

"Over the next few months, we expect to see more and more Android devices being released," the article added, noting more slight changes to the Eclair system are scheduled for later in the year.

GigaOM has since commented on the release, noting that the Motorola Droid could be one of the first handsets to boast the new version of the OS.

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