Those looking to sell mobilephones will have one extra handset to choose from now following the launch of a new Android device.

From the end of last week, the Google-powered HTC Hero has been made available to 3 Mobile customers across the UK as part of a number of packages designed to tempt music lovers.

In addition to its touch screen, five-megapixel camera and personalised user interface, the model can be purchased on contract with premium access to the Spotify service.

This means that for an initial payment of £97.86 and £35 per month, buyers will get as much music as they like, with 750 cross-net calling minutes, unlimited texts and free 3 Mobile calls.

Access to email, the internet, Facebook and Skype-to–Skype calls in the UK is also without charge.

Last month, 3 Mobile director of products and services Charlotte Blanchard said Spotify Mobile was “a fantastic digital service which gives consumers the ability to enjoy and share music in an affordable way”.

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Posted by Dan Latham

Written by Mazuma

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