With an increasing number of Google Android devices now available, a new review may help music lovers who have just bought one.

The HTC Hero is just one of a number of devices now available that boast the operating system and with audio streaming service Spotify now available for the software, Drew Smith has put it to the test.

In an article for Android Guys, he explained that the system has already been a success story on desktop and laptop computers, adding smartphone users now have the option to take advantage.

Spotify Mobile, however, requires a Premium fee of £9.99 per month, but once installed, users can expect a simple way to get music whenever they want it.

“All in all, I believe Spotify Mobile for Android is a high-quality, polished app together with a useful, near-indispensable service – it just depends whether you think it’s worth the subscription,” Mr Smith concluded.

In addition the HTC Hero, the T-Mobile Pulse was announced this week as the first Google-powered smartphone to hit pay-as-you-go.

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