Mobile phone users who cannot find the perfect device that makes trading-in their current handset worthwhile may wish to take note of an exciting upcoming release.

Luke Westaway, writer for CNET UK, says the HTC Desire HD is a matter of weeks away from becoming a reality.

And it is a mobile phone to really look forward to, if the expert reviewer's words are to be believed.

He notes a 4.3-inch touchscreen is the focal point of the model, with HTC successfully incorporating a large display of supreme quality while maintaining the sleek nature of its phones.

"We reckon this phone will still slide neatly into your jeans pocket," confirms Mr Westaway.

And if a state-of-the-art screen was not enough, users could be tempted to trade-in their existing mobile in order to enjoy the new Desire's eight-megapixel camera and top build quality.

HTC was founded in 1997 and has built a reputation for providing innovative mobiles, including those in its Desire, Wildfire and Hero ranges.

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