Nokia customers have been voting in force about what design elements of a mobile phone they think are best.

Over 45,000 votes have been cast about what constituents a strong design for a mobile phone, Nokia Conservations has reported.

Writing on the blog, Rhiain said the four-inch touchscreen has come out on top for its category, along with volume control, camera and zoom buttons.

And size and shape of the perfect handset has also been at the centre of debate. Indeed, consumers who are too embarrassed to get their chunky old handsets out in public may decide to sell recycle old mobilephones to raise the cash for a slimmer upgrade.

The Nokia poll found that 60mm by 110m size and between 6-10mm in depth are currently the most popular choices.

It recently stated that significant advancements have been made over the past five years regarding the thickness of its mobile phones.

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