More mobile recycling could be taking place as those without a handset offering internet access switch to one that does.

A report from the Office for National Statistics has revealed that 45 per cent of internet users have now used a mobile phone to get online, with six million having done so for the first time in the past year.

This trend has become particularly prevalent among younger people, with 70.8 per cent of the 16-24 age group and 64.7 per cent of those aged between 25 and 34 connecting to the web via their mobiles.

Older groups are progressively less likely to use mobile phones for internet connections, with the over-65s the least likely at 7.6 per cent, something that may reflect less use of the web by those who have not grown up with modern technology.

Those living in rural areas may wish to switch to a phone with 3G network connectivity as operator Three is upgrading its network and services to provide free broadband to those living in rural areas.

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