A new range of green mobile phones and accessories have been launched that may interest eco-friendly consumers looking to recycle mobilephones.

Sony Ericsson this week unveiled plans to boost its environmental credentials with a renewed set of targets for carbon emissions reduction and took the opportunity to announce two handsets and a Bluetooth earpiece.

The manufacturer’s MH300 wireless headset is said to be an ideal companion to both the new Sony Ericsson C901 and Naite devices – and all form part of the firm’s GreenHeart range of products.

Dick Komiyama, president of the company, said the devices form part of a wider plan to increase the group’s sustainability.

“We have implemented a full life-cycle approach to sustainability in order to build phones with a green core as well as reducing CO2 emissions from the product in use and ensuring sustainable end-of-life treatment,” he explained.

Shoppers looking to recycle mobile phones may also be interested in the carbon neutral Motorola Renew.

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