Mobile phone recycling is a great idea that can benefit homes, offices and charitable organisations, it has been suggested.

A post on the Greenlife page of the Manchester Evening News website this week offers a number of tips on going green – and notes cash for your mobile can be used for the greater good.

It suggests starting a green initiative at work as well as at home as these are not only "easy to set-up and run", but can also cut costs or generate money for charity.

"Old mobile phones, computer equipment, stamps and printer cartridges can all be recycled to raise funds," the article notes.

In addition, such an eco-friendly initiative will prevent damaging materials going to landfill and could also cut costs and save space around the workplace.

A recent article for This Is Kent told how one couple were backing a mobile phone recycling initiative in order to raise money for a dog charity – having recently parted with their own pet Bull Mastiff.

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