The environmental impact of new mobile phones is becoming an increasingly important focus for consumers, according to several analysts and eco-friendly groups.

People who are looking to recycle their old mobile and trade up for a newer model are now considering handsets such as the Motorola Renew, which is crafted from recycled plastic and claims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral phone, Medill Reports claims.

“More and more” customers are making enquiries about the green impact of their handsets, asserted Don Bartel, senior director of environmental initiatives at Motorola.

Recycling old mobile phones will help to keep toxic waste – such as that emitted by LCD screens and rechargeable batteries – out of landfills and recover metals, which could cut down on the need for mining in the long-term.

According to Recycle for London, UK homes and businesses contain some 15 million unused mobile phones that could be recycled.

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