Consumers who have recently recycled mobile phones may be interested in a range of new accessories that have been launched.

Designed with the environmentally-responsible in mind, Sprint has announced its latest range of products have been built to reduce energy use and carbon emissions for mobile users.

The first of the products is the Solio Mono – a dual-power charging device capable of generating energy through its integrated solar technology – as well as through a traditional electrical outlet.

Sprint also announced a series of new carry cases it claims are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles, as well as a website offering advice on a number of environmental issues.

Ralph Reid, vice-president of corporate social responsibility for the firm, said "Our new green-themed website offers more tips on how consumers can help the environment with easy steps, such as recycling old phones."

The Motorola W233 Renew mobile phone is another device that is partially built using recycled plastic bottles.

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