Google’s director of Android user experience Matias Duarte has said that he still hopes there will be mobile phones brought out using hardware keyboards.

Many of the latest smartphones released into the market such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 are lacking a physical keyboard, instead focusing on touchscreen pads.

However, Mr Duarte told ABC News that he is still a “huge fan” of hardware keyboards and believes there is still a place for them in the industry despite the recent move away from them.

BlackBerry makers Research In Motion (RIM) is famous for its use of physical keyboards but it was recently announced that its first BlackBerry 10 will be touchscreen.

Despite this, Mr Duarte said working with RIM would be an intriguing proposition if it were ever to come to fruition.

“If RIM wanted to work on Android devices, I would really welcome that. They clearly make great physical keyboards,” he continued.

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