Search-engine company Google has unveiled its own version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone at its annual event.

An announcement at the developer’s conference revealed that the company will release a device that runs the same software as the Nexus 4 – the stock Android 4.2

The good news is that Google will be offering the smartphone for a much cheaper price than its Samsung rival at around $649 (£430).

With its 16GB of storage, 1.9GHz quad-core processor and LTE capabilities its not a cheap-looking phone, but unfortunately there is no confirmation about whether or not it will hit UK stores.

It will be available on the Google Play Store but only to US residents, at least initially. However, there will probably be third-party sellers offering options for international customers.

With Google offering the device for just £430 you could afford shipping costs and still be saving yourself some cash compared to buying Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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