Telecommunications customers in the UK for whom English is not a first language may find they benefit greatly from trading-in a mobile phone and splashing out on a device powered by Android.

Amir Mane, product manager of Google Speech Technologies and author of the latest Google Mobile Blog, explains there is a new tool available for speakers of Turkish, Czech, Russian and Polish.

The search engine’s Voice Search function will now work in any of the languages, as well as English and others, simply by changing the setting.

It means people in the UK who may be confused by a standard mobile can track down various features, apps and capabilities of their device by talking into them in a native tongue.

Mr Mane notes Voice Search is usually preloaded on to models that run on the Android operating system.

The news may be a boost to Android, after it recently saw a major competitor enter the market in the shape of Windows Phone 7.

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Posted by Paul Whalley

Written by Mazuma

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