Many manufacturers are releasing or working on wearable technology, which allows users to connect their mobile phone to a device on their wrist. Now it appears that Google is increasing its efforts to make Android the dominant force in every field – including smartwatches.

The search engine giant is planning to release a software development kit (SDK) later this month that will make it easier for manufacturers to use Android when creating their own smartwatch.
 Speaking at the South by Southwest conference last week (March 9th), Google's senior vice president Sundar Pichai announced the company's plans to take on, and conquer, the wearables market.

To ensure that most wearable devices are running Android, much like the smartphone market, Google plans to make a free SDK for manufacturers and developers.

Although the search engine is working on its own smartwatch with LG, it appears that Google wants Android to take over wearable devices even if companies want to build their own devices. This could also make it easier for smartwatches to connect with Android handsets, which a number of manufacturers now have.

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