The Google Maps Apple iPhone app may have been downloaded more than ten million times within just 48 hours.

Senior vice president at the global technology giant Jeff Huber made this claim on his Google+ social networking page.

The tool was made available to the mobile phone users once again on December 13th, when it was released on the App Store for free download.

The relationship between rival companies Apple and Google has progressively deteriorated after numerous patent battles in courts around the world.

Possibly as a result, the American manufacturer removed its competitor’s YouTube and Maps tools from the list of pre-installed tools.

When users upgraded to the iOS 6 operating system or purchased an iPhone 5, they were instead presented with Apple Maps.

However, this was deemed inferior by many, and so iTunes customers flocked to install Google’s navigation tool once again.

More than 21,000 users have already given the app an average 4.5-star rating on the virtual store.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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