Google has the potential to "jump the market" in the same way that the iPhone did if it makes changes to attract consumers, it has been suggested.

According to a survey by Nielsen Research, 63 per cent of mobile phone users say they want smart, personalised mobile internet services which are tailored to their personal preferences, location and social setting to be implemented within the next six months.

James Atkinson, editor of Mobile, said: "Are they really just about getting you to look at ads and increasing their revenue that way or do they really want to be a serious player? It’s very difficult to know."

He added that if they were to add Google Voice to the Google Nexus One phone, then customers would be able to pay penny a minute or similar to make international calls.

Mobile applications analytics company Flurry recently reported that the Google Nexus One was outsold by the Apple iPhone 3GS by 80 times in its launch week

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