Since Google bought mobile phone company Motorola for an estimated price of £7.9 billion critics have said it was a risky move, but the search-engine chief executive says he is confident in the upcoming Motorola handsets.

Chief executive Larry Page praised Motorola’s future handsets saying: “I’ve seen Moto’s upcoming products myself, and I’m really excited about the potential there.”

He added that the smartphone firm had made a lot of progress in a year.

The search-engine boss talked about the need for a durable phone on the market that has a long battery life and won’t shatter when dropped or frazzle when you spill water on.

Although there was no official handset announcement Mr Page made it clear that the company is working on a new phone that aims to be unlike any other on the market.

The technology giant recently announced that it has made billions in revenue, despite Motorola draining its operating costs.

Eager Google fans can look forward to the company’s input/output event in May, which will surely bring more information about upcoming handsets, Google Glass and maybe more.

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