A London-based girl group has won thousands of new fans after performing a cover of a popular song on its members’ iPhones.

The Mentallists used downloaded software to convert the handsets into synthesisers, drums and wind instruments and then recorded a cover of MGMT’s Kids to be posted on YouTube, This is London reports.

So far, more than 80,000 people have watched the clip, which has also been sent to the original band and is said to have gone down well.

Band member Alice Offey, 27, said: "We were amazed at how good the sound quality was – it really is like having a real instrument."

The software can be obtained through the Apple website and costs up to £5.

Earlier this month, research published by Net Applications revealed that 66 per cent of the people who browse the internet on their mobile phones do so via an iPhone, the biggest percentage of any handset.


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