Vodafone Red Hot allows customers to keep up-to-date with the latest handsets, by offering them 12-month contracts.

Currently, the majority of smartphone deals will be on a two-year agreement, meaning gadget lovers have to keep their old mobile phone and eagerly await the upgrade period.

Apple fans like to take advantage of the latest innovations on offer with the newest iPhones, but the manufacturer tends to release at least one device each year, leaving those on contracts missing out.

Users of the new Vodafone service will be able to get the latest and best gadgets, without any upfront cost.

Customers pay each month, and then return the handset at the end of the year to replace it with a newer smartphone.

Someone who would like to own one of the most popular current smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3, for the next year will pay from £47 per month. This includes generous minute, SMS and data allowances.

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