Geeksphone has announced that it will be releasing a high-end mobile phone running the Firefox operating system.

It broke the news with an interesting advert showing a pregnant lady holding her bump and the text 'The revolution is coming. Stay tuned', though the significance of the expectating female is still unclear. 

The new smartphone will be named the Revolution, but the phone is technically running the Firefox OS. 

According to CNET, the Geeksphone Revolution will arrive with Boot2Gecko as its operating system as the Firefox OS brand is apparently unavailable to some telecom companies. However, the software is a Mozilla-built system that looks identical to the foxy OS.

However, the Revolution will be able to run either the Mozilla operating system or an Android option. This choice will be up to the customer to make when it comes to ordering the device from Geeksphone.

In a statement co-founder of Javier Aguera said: "We are…confident that we will surprise everyone by its very high performance," adding that it will be "competitively priced".

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