Mobile users who like to play games on their handset may want to consider selling their old phone to raise funds to purchase an iPhone.

This is because a new survey by Tiga – the trade association for the UK games industry – revealed 52 per cent of developers created games for the iPhone, rather than for consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation 3.

Dr Richard Wilson is Tiga’s chief executive and he said the UK has one of the most creative and talented games workforces in the world.

“Self-publishing offers developers the chance to produce a more diverse range of products at differing price points,” he added.

Mr Wilson noted he is not surprised UK developers are making the most of new opportunities that are associated with self-publishing.

He explained it also gives them the chance to establish and then maintain a direct link with customers.

In a recent article for the Nokia Conversations Blog, a writer named as Ian stated retro game apps could appeal to mobile users who enjoy playing games such as Pac-Man on their devices.

Turn your old mobile phone into cash

Posted by Nathan Latham

Written by Mazuma

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