The new LG GD910 is set to appeal to mobile phone users looking for something a little bit different to the average handset.

Anyone looking to upgrade or recycle mobile handsets in the near-future could opt for the rather impressive GD910 watch-phone, which features a more than capable touch screen.

The watch mobile is also practical to use, according to a pre-release review by Stuff magazine.

There are a whole host of features incorporated into the sleekly designed watch which make it a real alternative to a standard mobile phone handset including a calendar, music player and even video calling apps that could convince users to trade in mobile once their current contract expires.

The limited edition gadget is only available on the Orange network and is set to retail at £500 when it goes on sale this week, reports the Sun.

Francois Mahieu, director of devices with Orange UK, speaking to the newspaper, explained that the watch phone is part of a new trend within the industry towards cutting edge and alternative mobile phone technology.

He added: “Our ambition is to offer innovative handsets so consumers can make the most of the latest shifts in technology. We believe this is the must-have gadget of 2009 and sure to turn heads on the high street.”

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