Scientists have developed a material which can repair itself upon damage, and its ability to conduct electricity means it could be used for touchscreen mobile phones.

Stanford University researchers found that the synthetic skin can ‘heal’ so that it is almost like new after being cut with a scalpel.

The innovative material is also supple, and with Samsung manufacturing bendable AMOLED screens too, it seems that smartphones of the future will be flexible.

Although many devices today, like the Nokia Lumia 920, are equipped with stronger Gorilla Glass displays, the screens are prone to smashing.

Since the majority of modern smartphones are full-touchscreen gadgets, owners have extreme difficulty using one with a broken display.

Although it can be upsetting to smash a screen, users are still able to recycle damaged mobile phones for cash.

Those looking to protect a new handset could invest in a practical and often stylish case. These are specially made for popular devices like the Apple iPhone 5.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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