Another alleged leak seems to confirm that the imminent LG mobile phone will be called the Nexus 4, as opposed to the Optimus Nexus.

A Google software engineer may have accidentally released this information after posting a photograph online which had accompanying EXIF data showing the 'LG Nexus 4' name.

It seems he used a prototype version of the mobile phone to take the picture, without realising associated details would give anything away.

Google's current flagship device is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and many speculated LG would follow suit by naming the gadget after its most popular line.

However, it seems the Optimus brand will not be utilised with this handset.

The number four may refer to the generation, as it follows HTX Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus Google-produced mobile phones.

There are rumours that the new handset will feature a newer version of the Android operating system – Jelly Bean 4.2.

LG and Google are expected to release a launch event date soon.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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