Funny people to follow on Twitter

If you are keen on bringing some humour to your Twitter account then check out our list of comedic recommendations.

We reckon these funny guys will have you in stitches as soon as you’ve followed them. Your Twitter account will never be the same.

Russell Brand

Who: Comedian activist who shoots the odd Hollywood movie and is the former husband of pop megastar Katy Perry.

Why: Smart, quick-witted and energetic, Brand in 140 characters makes for excellent reading.

Top Tweet: “I’m on my way to @letterslive to read a letter near Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Not Mark Zuckerberg

Who: Well, to state the obvious, it’s not social media pioneer Mark Zuckerberg. It is, however, someone who likes to post bizarre tweets as the Facebook boss.

Why: It’s funny, dry and utterly bizarre and makes you wonder what Zuckerberg is really like as a person and what motivates him.

Top Tweet: “Google+ profile pages are way better than Facebook ones if you need to quickly find out what somebody was up to two years ago.”

James Blunt

Who: Singer-songwriter who rose to fame with his unashamedly cheesy pop. Penned “classics” like You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover.

Why: Blunt is superbly sardonic and his ripostes to what can be described as haters are most excellent.

Top Tweet: “Wonder if I’ll get the Calvin Klein modelling gig when I overtake Justin Bieber’s number of Twitter followers?”

Larry the Cat

Who: The official cat of Downing Street and chief mouser to the cabinet office has a parody account.

Why: It’s a wonderfully wry way of looking at the world of politics, all through the mind of a cat.

Top Tweet: “Just found where George Osborne’s hiding his Easter eggs; predictably he’d put them all in one basket.”

Joey Barton

Who: Football’s bad boy and philosopher in the making, Joey Barton is one of the sport’s most curious and divisive individuals.

Why: He isn’t shy in expressing his thoughts and loves to be a contrarian – all key ingredients in bringing a smile to your face, whether you like or hate him.

Top Tweet: “For the first time in my life I’m considering not voting. I just don’t trust anyone anymore. Why has it come to this?”ADNFCR-2155-ID-801783236-ADNFCR

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