Smartphone roaming charges are something that everyone is aware of when they go on holiday.

The thought of receiving a sky-high bill when returning home is enough to put many people off using their mobile phones while abroad.

However, walkers in Kent could also be given a nasty shock as they have been sent messages warning of roaming charges from France.

Visitors to St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe, which is on top of Dover’s White Cliffs, got the SMS which listed the new charges if they were to use their phone, despite still being in England.

“Owing to the geographical location, a strong signal from a French network can travel over the Channel,” said a spokesperson from EE.

They added that it is recommended customers turn off the roaming capability of their smartphone when they are in these areas so that charges are not incurred.

In the past, horror stories have been told where holidaymakers have racked up bills in the thousands of pounds after logging on to the internet or sending texts while abroad.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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