Facebook members utilising the social network’s Messenger mobile phone app could soon take advantage of a free voice call service.

Apple iPhone owners in the US are the first to try out this function, and are able to make calls to those on their friends list who have opted in.

Just as with similar tools like Skype and MobileVOIP, the users need to be connected to the internet over Wi-Fi.

Facebook Messenger, which is available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices, currently allows users to share text, pictures and voice recordings for free.

Voice communication could be far more convenient, and may even save some gadget owners money on their mobile bill.

Capabilities currently included in the new version of the app means users are made aware of an incoming call through a ringing tone, and there is the option to use speakerphone or mute.

At the moment, the app has received over 50 million installations from Google Play, and more than half a million users have given the tool an average 4.5-star rating.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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