Social networking site Facebook may spread its free phone call messenger feature to Android mobile phone users.

Until now it has only been Apple iPhone users that have been able to make use of the free phone calls in the site’s messenger feature, but now the company may be working on an app to allow Android devices to join the fun.

It is thought that an IM-centric messenger app would be able to be downloaded to be completely separate from the main Facebook arena.

The UK is the third country to get the free phone calls on Facebook after Canada and the America.

The main strength is that it allows users to make transatlantic calls without any charge. A simple click of the ‘I’ button will ring your friend for free and even allow you to leave a voicemail if they are busy.

However, it remains unconfirmed by Facebook that this will even exist, but it seems unlikely that it will leave Android users out completely as they are now such a big portion of the market.

Posted by Samantha Green

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