Trading-in a mobile and switching to an Apple iPhone might be considered a shrewd move by many consumers, especially those who spend a lot of time abroad.

That is because Wenzhang Zhu, author of the latest Google Mobile blog, has told how the search engine has released an updated app just for the model.

Google Translate for the iPhone enables users to check how to say a certain phrase or question in a variety of native tongues.

Available to speakers of 15 languages, the app works by making use of the phone's microphone technology.

Consumers are asked to speak into it in English and the device will return with the relevant translation.

People can also hear a reading of their chosen sentence or dialogue in any one of 23 languages.

Vodafone recently announced it is to stock Google's Nexus S handset for the first time, following the model's release at the end of last year.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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