Force Touch ‘to enhance Apple user experience’

Apple is to introduce a revolutionary new technology in its next tranche of device releases that will help to transform the way users interact with their products.

Force Touch will be unveiled as part of the new developments to boost user excitement surrounding the upcoming iPhone6s release, with the technology being described as a "game-changer", Reuters reports.

The creation of haptic technology – the development of a tactile response system to a touch-sensitive surface – will mean new iPhone, iPad and other handheld Apple devices will stand apart from their competitors in a crucial way.

Changing the manner in which users interact with the screens of devices, Force Touch will provide pressure-sensitive screens the ability to mimic the feel of buttons under its surface, thereby given a more natural feel similar to the use of real buttons.

Moreover, the screen can be calibrated to deliver different sensations depending upon functionality, while future iterations could help lead to changes in things like temperature or vibration.

This development will have far-reaching implications for developers of both apps and devices in the years ahead, as gone will be the days of unresponsive, hard screens that can turn off some users.

Instead, they will be replaced by a reactive substrate that will enable the development of more intuitive features in the future.

Furthermore, Force Touch will enable devices to differentiate between hard and soft touch, meaning enhanced functionality with more intuitive menu design could also be on the horizon.

Enabling users to make use of haptic buttons, controls and other on-screen elements could therefore revolutionise the way devices feel and are set up. Understanding the full and future impact of this change will now be one of the biggest challenges for developers keen to make best use of this impressive new design feature.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801800030-ADNFCR

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