Tourists planning to take their mobile phone on holiday this summer have been warned about the danger of returning with a "souvenir from hell".

Matthew Wheeler, communications expert at, gives a number of tips that should help holidaymakers avoid large phone bills after using their mobile abroad.

He suggests consumers think about how they want to use their phone while away and consider buying a SIM card on arrival to gain access to local rates.

Other steps people could take to prevent a hefty bill on their return include switching off the costly data roaming function that is common on smartphones.

"When it comes to using the internet on your mobile abroad, the best advice is don’t do it. While some networks are offering special deals, roaming abroad is still far from cheap," Mr Wheeler notes.

Mobile phone users heading to this summer’s World Cup in South Africa may wish to sign up with Three UK prior to departure, as the provider is cutting its tariffs in the country by up to 50 per cent.

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