An update to the Firefox application for Android makes the browser usable on 'millions more' mobile phones.

Previously, the tool only worked on those smartphones with an ARMv7 processor, but this has been extended to include ARMv6 compatibility.

According to the Mozilla blog, "roughly half of the nearly 500 million Android phones in use today run on ARMv6 architecture".

Owners of devices like the HTC ChaCha, Samsung Galaxy Ace and LG Optimus Q will be able to take advantage.

Android customers can download the tool for free from Google Play, as long as they have a suitable internet connection.

Currently, almost 150,000 users have reviewed the app, giving it an average rating of four stars.

Other browsers are available on this operating system for those who would like to use something other than the default.

Dolphin Browser, Opera Mobile web browser, UC Browser for Android and Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 are just a few, so users should look through the selection and choose whichever offers features suited to them.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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