Nokia has announced on its Conversations blog that its employees have been working hard to get the 12 most scenic routes in the 12 most beautiful countries on to the N97‘s Ovi Maps function.

The mobile phone manufacturer spoke to 12,750 people in order to find out the best routes to include on Ovi Maps.

Over half of the French people questioned recommended Les ales de Glenan as the best place to visit in the country, while the Nokia N97 can also track the most ideal way to visit Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy.

Indeed, 63 per cent of locals thought this was the most impressive natural landscape that could be seen in France.

"Check out the full list, including routes for Spain, Brazil, China, Russia, Singapore, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United States," the blog urged.

Ovi Maps provides pedestrian navigation for 74 countries, as well as 6,000 three-dimensional landmarks covering 200 cities across the world.

Nokia previously said planning journeys before setting off on them, through functions like Ovi Maps, can help people become greener and save on unnecessary travel.

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