The social media website has attempted to answer concerns surrounding its latest Facebook Home product.

The new service from Facebook is designed to embed itself into Android mobile phones like an operating system, but this has sparked users to become worried about how secure it is.

Facebook Home will collect information about notifications not related to the website. It wrote in a blog post on Friday (April 5th) that the privacy controls would be no different to Android users' current settings.

The company also reiterated that customers can remove the feature at any time after downloading.

The firm's post explained: "For example, Facebook could see that you launched a map application using the app launcher, but Facebook would not receive information about what directions you searched for or any other activity within the app itself."

Handsets like the HTC First, which has it already integrated will also "display system notifications, meaning that it will show notifications from apps on your phone" but no location or privacy settings will be changed.

Home collects data about what other apps are on the phone so if that makes you feel uneasy the service probably isn't for you.

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