Mobile phone operators have been warned to consider the role Facebook plays in their industry, which is likely to be greater than they first think, says Ovum.

The telecommunications analyst suggests many firms dismiss the social networking portal as a benign force that they are keen to partner.

However, its purpose could be significantly greater, as it has launched a range of phone products and come a long way since it first released Facebook Mobile in 2006.

Eden Zoller, Ovum’s principal analyst, says the site is a force as it has attracted the attention of more than 200 million people who now use it via their handset.

“There is also intense ongoing speculation that Facebook will come out with its own phone, which in some respects would be the final piece of the puzzle,” the expert states.

Skyscanner this week named Facebook as the cause of many people booking holidays, with 52 per cent of those who browse vacation photos from friends on the site going on to confirm their own trip.

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